Work and Design are the principal elements, which define my approach to creating a unique form. I begin with a certain concept in mind, but it is through the physical process of doing the work, where the pieces begin to grow into its own form.

My intention is not only to create beautiful furniture, but to evoke emotion as well. It is essential to me that the viewer is left with a sense of empathy that goes beyond the visual.

Living in Harmony is built using a variety of materials - blacken iron, bronze, rust steel and more - representative of different nations living together in peace and assembled together to create beautiful and harmonious objects that will hopefully inspire.

Harmonious Existence is a continuation of the Living in Harmony collection, introducing more geometric shapes, allowing for its evolution.

Independent Collection has pieces with its own identity, working with negative spaces over the shape of light fixture, creating dynamic, atmospheric lighting impression.

Sketch Light is about the flow - light emerging from the edge of the pieces. In some it is extending the shape. In others it is continuing a movement, bringing life to the organic shapes that are based on freehand sketches.